Abby King


Currently, I work full-time in clinical dietetics and teach patients how to feed themselves, through a feeding tube. I also work part-time at Lululemon to feed my workout wear addiction, that can all be seen at Lift Lab in downtown Indianapolis. I have been weightlifting for a year and a half now with a few national and local meets under my belt in two different weight classes, with goals of being more consistent at the national level.

I graduated from Purdue University dual majoring in dietetics and nutrition, fitness, and health and completed my dietetic internship through Purdue University following my undergraduate studies. My interest in nutrition started when I changed my diet and worked through my own dieting struggles.

I have a passion in identifying the behavioral aspects to eating, clinical dietetics, sports nutrition, diet trends, and eating to perform. With my broad range of interests, I value that “healthy” means something different to everyone. I find a lot of fulfillment in client success, no matter what the goal may be. I am excited to extend my knowledge with Macros Lab and help increase the understanding that all foods can fit!