Alexis Yoo

Owner/Head Macro Coach
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Specialty: Bariatrics, Obesity, Medically Supervised Weight loss
Certified Eat to Perform Coach
Certified Fitness Nurtition Specialist
Certified in Weight loss management

Professional development:
11 years of Nursing experience
6 Years of Experience as Nurse Practitioner
300 + clients experience in Macros Coaching

Medically Supervised Weight loss in the Obese Population
Macros Lab Foundations Course- an Introduction to Flexible Nutrition

Lexi has a background in nursing and is nurse practitioner in a Bariatric practice where she does nutritional counseling, routine follow up care, as well as medically supervised weight loss. As a macro coach she takes her 5 years of nurse practitioner experience in family medicine as well 300+ client macro coaching expertise and applies it to her coaching style. She has been successful in the coaching a variety of clients to include elite level athletes, breastfeeding moms, runners, and those with co-morbidities related to obesity who are trying to get healthy.

Lexi found macro nutrition through her own frustrations with the world of “dieting.” By researching the methodology and understanding these concepts, she is well versed in the foundations of macro nutrition. Her passion lies in helping her clients achieve a better/ healthier version of themselves. Lexi finds motivation in her client’s “non scale victories” and helping them understand that they are more than just a number on scale. She loves helping people and as a mom of twins has a special interest in helping moms get back on track after having a baby, teaching clients the basics of nutrition (meal prep, and tracking), and coaching elite level athletes on proper fueling for increased work load capacity.