Elyse Kile

Macro Coach

CF Level 1 Certified
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist Certified
Functional Movement Screen Certified

Elyse Kile has a Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology with a Minor in Psychology. She has been an athlete all of her life and went on to play Division 1 soccer at Ohio University. Elyse is a 4 time CrossFit Regional Individual qualifying athlete with 3 top 10 finishes in the CrossFit Open. She is looking forward to her 5th Regional appearance this year with the 3 Kings Black Team. Elyse devoted 3 years of her life to Paleo nutrition, and while Elyse agrees with the quality perspective that Paleo preaches, since making the switch to counting her macros she has dropped her body fat percentage by 7% in the last year, and has seen an increase in all of her major lifts. She is currently the leanest, strongest, fastest, and the fittest she has ever been and attributes it all to the CARBS!. Elyse is the Head Coach at 3 Kings CrossFit and enjoys seeing the members reach their goals, whatever they may be. Elyse believes that physical fitness is a two part piece, 90% diet, 10 % doing work. She is passionate about helping others and wants to share the knowledge that she has gained through her fitness and nutrition journey that has gotten her to where she is today!