Holly Newman

"I have always struggled with nutrition and my relationship with food. During my soccer playing days, I wouldn't eat. My performance on the field was poor! I was tired and hungry! Once I started doing crossfit, same thing happened! I needed some Fuel for my workouts! Then I found macros lab and man, it was a game changer! My wod times were getting better, my lifts getting heavier and able to get muscle ups! And a side note, I lost 12 pounds and became in the best shape of my life, and energy thru the roof! I am so pumped to help people of all shapes and sizes become the best version of themselves! Fitness in nutrition go hand in hand. You can't outrun a bad diet! And you can't have one without the other! Whether it is performance or body recomp or both! Macros lab coaches will help you get to your goals!! And you will also start to enjoy the food you eat! It's the best!"