Katelyn Marando

Membership Coordinator
Macro Coach
“Mom to Macros” Coordinator

BS in Kinesiology
L1 & L2 Certified Eat to Perform Coach

Katelyn grew up playing all sports and in high school became interested in how food can affect sports and performance. She experimented with the Zone diet and clean eating, and then after college was introduced to CrossFit and the Paleo diet. As a new mom, Katelyn felt exhausted and weak, and her workout performances were showing it. The high fat, low carb, Paleo diet wasn’t cutting it, so she decided to give counting macros a try. Soon after starting the program energy levels were up, milk supply had increased, and shortly after that she was setting new PRs and adding back muscle mass.

Katelyn enjoys meal prepping and trying out new recipes for her and her husband. Because of her son’s intolerance to dairy and soy, it is important for her to meet a majority of her macros in a non-processed way. She believes that fueling your body with real food allows you to feel and perform at your best. She’s seen this first hand, not just in herself, but also in her husband’s (who made the 2016 CrossFit Games) body composition and performance. Katelyn is passionate about helping athletes and new moms to feel their best and use food for fuel.