Kimberly Mark

Macro Coach/Operations Manager

Certified Eat to Perform Coach

Kimberly found her love for fitness and nutrition during her college experience at Purdue University. Initially interested in how her nutrition could help her improve her running, she received a Minor degree in Food and Nutrition. After graduating, Kimberly continued expanding her fitness endeavors recreationally. In 2013 she found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with the varied, functional fitness platform. After the birth of her daughter in 2014, Kimberly became frustrated with the battle of losing weight, building muscle and fueling herself properly to care for a new baby. When her friend and colleague, Lexi Yoo, introduced her to macro nutrition, she was hooked! Months after starting the process she was at one of the lowest body fat percentages she had ever been and was eating more than ever! Now expecting her second baby in the winter of 2016, Kimberly is excited to implement macro nutrition to promote a healthy and balanced pregnancy.

Kimberly's passion lies in assisting busy moms balance taking care of their children and taking care of themselves. As a mother of a young, impressionable daughter, she promotes healthy relationships with food and balance. As women, so much of our self worth can be poured into a number on a scale and we are so much more than that! Eating to become faster, stronger and healthier will provide you more fulfillment than your weight. Kimberly is a firm believer in a diet that consists mainly of wholesome, nutritious foods with the additions of delicious treats because LIFE IS SHORT! She enjoys cooking and meal prepping for the week to properly fuel her and her family.